Update on 21st of September: A day later, Amazon has decided to offer further comment. A spokesperson for the company now says “Amazon did not acquire Angel.ai. We made an individual hire of Navid Hadzaad. His title is Product Lead, New Initiatives”. That’s seen Hadzaad update his LinkedIn profile again in the past 24 hours, too. Notably the word ‘bots’ is now missing from his new role at Amazon. It’s also unclear why Amazon didn’t have “anything further to share at this time” yesterday when I asked if it had acquired Angel.ai and was only willing to offer a denial 24 hours later. I stand by my original report but will update this post again if more information surfaces.

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It looks like Google, which yesterday acquired API.ai, a company that helps developers build conversational interfaces, isn’t the only major tech company hoovering up chat bot talent. TechCrunch understands that Angel.ai (formerly known as GoButler) has, at least partially, been acqui-hired by Amazon.

The e-commerce giant confirmed that Angel.ai co-founder and CEO Navid Hadzaad has joined the company. “I can confirm that Navid started at Amazon, and that his first day was yesterday. We don’t have anything further to share at this time,” an Amazon spokesperson told TechCrunch.