JAMES GOSLING, the ‘father of Java’, has criticised cloud vendors for locking customers into their environments.

Gosling opened his keynote at IP Expo today by telling the audience: “I’m not selling anything.” He went on to warn about the dangers of committing too deeply to one cloud provider.

“These days the buzzword in almost every part of this show is cloud. People talk about it like it’s magic pixie dust, which it isn’t,” he said.

Gosling described the cloud as a “complicated subject”, and cited Amazon as an example of a firm looking to sink its claws into customers, although in reality, he could have named just about any cloud vendor.

“You get cloud providers like Amazon saying: ‘Take your applications and move them to the cloud.’ B   ut as soon as you start using them you’re stuck in that particular cloud. You have to be sure that all your customers will be OK with the terms of service of the cloud provider you choose,” he explained.