I’m no programmer, but even I know BitcoinQt (Core) is difficult to work with. Every programmer says so. Core is tried and tested but cumbersome and its development is byzantine. Enter BCoin, the Javascript bitcoin library that includes all the latest enhancement. Made by Purse specifically for its wallet and merchant backend, it is completely opensource and according to Purse, is much easier to work with than Bitcoin Core.

BCoin is a brand new implementation of Bitcoin. It isn’t a simple wallet release or something of that nature. This is a full node implementation of bitcoin, with all of the advantages that gives. There are other implementations of Bitcoin in javascript, but they are not full node implementations.

To put it in layman terms and explain why this is important. When you use any kind of wallet other than a full node implementation, you unload some tasks to a third party. Web wallets unload practically everything, from control of the private keys to verifying the blockchain.