At one time, JavaScript evolved slowly. But its pace of evolution has stepped up considerably, particularly with last year’s ECMAScript 2015 specification. In the coming years, developers could see innovations like a type system and multithreading.

In a discussion on JavaScript at the QCon conference in San Francisco on Monday, Stefan Penner and Jafar Husain elaborated on what they see potentially happening with JavaScript. Penner and Husain are both insiders key to the ECMAScript specification process; ECMAScript is the official specification that underlies JavaScript, and Technical Committee 39 handles it.

Asked how TypeScript, Microsoft’s typed superset of JavaScript, affects JavaScript development, Penner, of TC39 participant LinkedIn, said he was excited about it, but the committee is nervous about the magnitude of adding a type system to JavaScript itself. “It’s very easy to get this wrong,” he noted. The committee, though, does acknowledge the value of such an endeavor, and it could possibly happen.

Husain, a senior developer at TC39 participant Netflix, also expressed reservations, saying that “if you make mistakes in your type system, you’ve hobbled the web.” The committee is being very cautious because of the complications involved, Husain pointed out.