Trumpia, the leading mobile messaging and multi-channel marketing automation software provider, today released two new updates to their API.

The first update this week is Trumpia API’s Java SDK. This first version includes functionality for subscription management, list creation, and messaging.

Second is Direct SMS for Trumpia REST API.

With this new Direct SMS for Trumpia REST API update, developers can now send a message through the API with just the mobile number and message content instead of requiring use of Trumpia’s full contact management system.

Previously, users had to first add contacts into Trumpia’s system before sending messages. This was especially valuable for users who did not have access to a contact database system of their own, as it helped them better manage subscribers. It was also a convenient way to help users stay compliant with messaging regulations. This included the sending of a required welcome message detailing the messaging program including how often they would send the subscriber a message, and with what content. With the new Direct SMS update, users can bypass this entire procedure to send a message as quickly as possible. On the other hand, the burden of subscription and STOP request management fall on the user’s custom program.

“Trumpia API’s Java SDK will save developers countless hours and simplifies the process too,” said Trumpia’s CEO, Ken Rhie. “We also have plans to add more features to this SDK, as well additional SDKs supporting other programming languages. And the Direct SMS capability offers flexibility of how you handle subscriptions and compliance requirements.”