ATLANTA, Sept. 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Forty8Fifty Labs, the new DevOps and software development division of VeriStor Systems, has launched today as a new company focused on accelerating the DevOps journey and empowering collaboration across Product & Software Development and IT Operations teams.

The new organization has brought together a robust portfolio of ready-built add-on products, third-party partner solutions and custom integrations between today’s market leading development, operations and collaboration tools. It combines these solutions with decades of field-proven experience in designing, implementing and managing the software that fuels business productivity. The result is a new category of company focused entirely on helping businesses streamline and speed the transition to highly efficient, highly collaborative development and operations environments.

“We created Forty8Fifty Labs to help our customers harness today’s most innovative software to increase the collaboration and efficiencies of their development and operations teams,” said Steve Bishop, Executive Director, Forty8Fifty Labs and CTO, VeriStor. “We’ve paired a team of experts that has decades of field-proven experience, with innovative products, customized services, expert training and superior support. The result is an organization that is highly focused on accelerating the velocity of business for our customers.”